When I’m sixty-five….

So, November rolls in tomorrow. The clocks have gone back and the early evenings are dark now. Winter won’t be far away.

In a few days I’ll have reached pensionable age, though I’ve no intention of stopping work right now (or, probably, ever, as long as I find stuff to do which seems engaging). I’ve noticed, though, over recent years that I’m definitely slowing somewhat in both word and deed. There’s no surprise there and actually there’s nothing to get in a state about either. All this, like the process of autumn into winter, is part of the natural way of things. And there’s time, now, to spend in consideration rather than in pell-mell activity.

All of which is by way of saying that continuing progress on the current solo album is going at a pretty glacial rate and – surprise, surprise – it won’t be out till later next year. I *am* hoping to get it finished in the next few weeks but now more than ever it’s going to take as long to come to maturation as, it seems, it wants. It’s taking a great deal of “stand back and consider” to get to that stage. Interesting work, though, I think. It’s also definitely an Album.

So 2013 has been one of those rare years when there’s been no release from me at all. On the live front there’s been only the VdGG tour and one four-show solo stint in Tokyo.

In contrast 2014, though still in the planning stages, should see much, much more in terms of shows and recorded music. There’s a long and winding way to go before we get there, mind…..

For now though I’m going to sign off after this brief missive and get back to work. While I still can.

Doubtless more, of rant and/or rumination, will beam in once I’m in receipt of that Pension Book!