When I’m sixty-five….

So, November rolls in tomorrow. The clocks have gone back and the early evenings are dark now. Winter won’t be far away.

In a few days I’ll have reached pensionable age, though I’ve no intention of stopping work right now (or, probably, ever, as long as I find stuff to do which seems engaging). I’ve noticed, though, over recent years that I’m definitely slowing somewhat in both word and deed. There’s no surprise there and actually there’s nothing to get in a state about either. All this, like the process of autumn into winter, is part of the natural way of things. And there’s time, now, to spend in consideration rather than in pell-mell activity.

All of which is by way of saying that continuing progress on the current solo album is going at a pretty glacial rate and – surprise, surprise – it won’t be out till later next year. I *am* hoping to get it finished in the next few weeks but now more than ever it’s going to take as long to come to maturation as, it seems, it wants. It’s taking a great deal of “stand back and consider” to get to that stage. Interesting work, though, I think. It’s also definitely an Album.

So 2013 has been one of those rare years when there’s been no release from me at all. On the live front there’s been only the VdGG tour and one four-show solo stint in Tokyo.

In contrast 2014, though still in the planning stages, should see much, much more in terms of shows and recorded music. There’s a long and winding way to go before we get there, mind…..

For now though I’m going to sign off after this brief missive and get back to work. While I still can.

Doubtless more, of rant and/or rumination, will beam in once I’m in receipt of that Pension Book!

31 Comments on “When I’m sixty-five….”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Based solely on your performance Monday afternoon in Tokyo, you are hereby allowed to retire!

  2. Joe Hosken says:

    Dear Peter

    I hope you had a great birthday. Wishing you well and those around you. Saw VDGG at The Barbican and was left grinning/speechless. A sequel to ‘Plague’ would be much welcomed in 2014! Enjoy The Ashes. I’m confident we’ll do well and think Carbury’s a good move.

    • Ross J Warren says:

      “When I’m in receipt of that Pension Book!” I hate to deliver bad news, but the pension book is a thing of the past. On the up side, you no longer have to que at the Post Office!

  3. meurglys68 says:

    Happy birthday Peter. Going to give Sleepwalkers a blast by way of celebration and peruse Killers, Angels and Refugees (not that I don’t do this anyway, but this is the perfect excuse).

  4. Alexey K. says:

    Happy birthday Peter! Best wishes from Russia! I hope one day you will come back here… You’re the BEST!

  5. Joe McLean says:

    If 2014 sees more performance, then might something in Bath be on the cards? Could save you a bit on hotel and transport costs…

    Happy birthday from Yate.

  6. willy vlyminck says:

    Happy birthday Peter!! 🙂

    • Douglas Fergus says:

      Congratulations on your 65th Birthday, Peter.

      Hope you have a very happy day.

      Thank you for the music over all these years – keep on working!

      With every best wish,


  7. Giovanni Arturo says:

    warm wishes, caro Peter

    (and looking forward to 2014 releases)

  8. Michel E says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!
    Thanks for your words and music which make us wiser / better (and much more). Hopefully see you somewhere next year!

  9. Boyanchica says:

    And now you are.. 🙂 Happy birthday Peter! If you could feel just a part of the joy your music has given us you would be the happiest man in the world, and that’s what I wish you to! ( Sorry for my bad English) Cheers! 🙂

  10. Andrea says:


    I reckon (since 35 years) that your music is just a rare, outstanding togetherness of poetry, harmony and artistic insight.
    “What voice is there left, but to try” sometimes comes up my head … in my blood, sometimes is quite primordial: it has your voice !

    keep up the good work


  11. Simon Wenham says:


    In your honour I thought I’d play every LP/CD/DVD I own on which you appear (Solo, with VdGG and guest appearances on Fripp, Gabriel etc.)

    If I start now I may just finish by your birthday (I do have to sleep).

    Many happy returns and thanks for all the serious fun you have given us all over the years.


  12. Anonymous says:

    …yet in all this time Ariadne’s life-giving thread has remained faithful and unbroken as we are chased from the labyrinth of obscurity by the raging blind Minotaur of destiny… Lemming x

  13. Jeremy Shotts says:

    Sorry that wasn’t meant to be anonymous!

  14. Anonymous says:

    There was nothing ‘only’ about the VdGG tour. The performances were a delight for us all. Huge Gratitude to you and the team. Happy Birthday!

  15. willy vlyminck says:

    There is no much I can say extra to what Mikayel already said, in short happy birthday and enjoy with your Family and friends.

  16. Frank says:

    An upcoming Buon Compleanno to you, Peter. All the best!

  17. Santiago Saccone says:

    You can still be Nadir.

  18. Pierre says:

    The funny thing is that we don’t feel at all that we are as old as we felt our parents were at our age. I’m just a bit younger than you Peter but still think I’m a young man with a full life ahead. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to your music (almost) everyday since age 16 !
    Happy anniversary Peter, see you in America in 2014.

  19. Ólafur Auðunsson (Iceland) says:

    Til hamingju með afmælið þann 5 Nov! Happy birthday Hammill.I think I will play Driven and say cheers.I hope I and my brother will see you live in next year.We saw VdGG im Amsterdam in June and what a concert.Unbelievable.

  20. bayernmike says:

    Happy birthday Peter, seems like only yesterday you were singing about Pushing Thirty

    • Ólafur Auðunsson (Iceland) says:

      I agree.That record(Future Now) and Vital was the first i got into.When I bought Vital I met Graham Smith on the street.He lived here in Iceland between 79 and 86 I think.

  21. john says:

    Peter, any news on Penguin books approaching you about your ‘classic’ autobiography’?

  22. On the subject of releases, there was that tantalising ‘work in progress’ CD that was only available at the Japanese shows…

  23. Trevor says:

    Hope it feels like another milestone and not a millstone.Best wishes for a celebratory birthday and ever onwards to more fantastic music and performances.

  24. Ricardo says:

    I’m still looking forward to PH at 85, Peter. And to that, as yet unrecorded, a capella album to balance your all-guitar and all-keyboard ones 😉

  25. Alan Davis says:

    Congratulations Peter, on the venerable birthday, and I hope I’m as ‘vital’ when my turn comes! (& it isn’t that far away either….)

  26. Mikayel Abazyan says:

    Probably this is going to be just a new era, like it happens when one reaches his or her 21, or 40. Maybe those thresholds are different for everyone, but I think some common order exists. I don’t “know” for sure – I simply believe.
    Wish you good health, creative strengths, and all the rest and best wishes!

  27. Thierry Appourchaux says:

    pêle-mêle you meant Peter?

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