Many thanks for all the “Get Well” messages which came in after last month’s entry.

It’s been a slow and quiet month for me but I’m now back at work on the album. Which means, of course, that there’s very little to see around here that’s immediately newsworthy. Gradually, though, things move towards completion. Or at least, mixing!

You’ll note that I’m posting this entry, as so often in the past, on the last day of the month. When I began this journal I promised that I’d put something up on a monthly basis and remarkably – if by the skin of my teeth – I’ve managed it up till now. Usually I’ve had some idea bubbling away about what my topic will be but have left it to the last minute to do the actual writing. This hasn’t really been an imposition and I’ve enjoyed the discipline involved.

I’ve now decided, though, that I’m no longer going to guarantee an entry every month, so that the (this) last-minute dash will no longer be a feature..

In part this is because last month’s post-instead-of-a-post raised such concerns for my health. I have to say straight away that while this has been some way sub-par in this period I’ve *not* been in any life-threatened state. Inevitably, though, sooner or later, there’ll be something genuinely and immediately of Bad News. Simply put, as and when that happens I’d really rather that it’s not publicly tracked by the appearance or non-appearances of journal, twitter or website entries. If I fall publicly silent for awhile I’d like it not to have any greater significance than the blessed quiet that results!

In other words, the private life remains private. All of this near-public stuff is, in truth, playfulness and I don’t want it to become duty. In any event, I remain of the opinion that whatever I have to say is still best expressed in the work rather than these sometime missives.

Just as I’m *not* retiring from live and recorded performances I’m *not* saying that I’m going to stop putting up entries here. Who knows, there might even be more than one a month at times. (Unlikely, I know…)

But let’s face it, a bit of slowness really is in order for me at the moment. Then hopefully I can keep up the intensity when I’m fully engaged in the work.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in due course….