Many thanks for all the “Get Well” messages which came in after last month’s entry.

It’s been a slow and quiet month for me but I’m now back at work on the album. Which means, of course, that there’s very little to see around here that’s immediately newsworthy. Gradually, though, things move towards completion. Or at least, mixing!

You’ll note that I’m posting this entry, as so often in the past, on the last day of the month. When I began this journal I promised that I’d put something up on a monthly basis and remarkably – if by the skin of my teeth – I’ve managed it up till now. Usually I’ve had some idea bubbling away about what my topic will be but have left it to the last minute to do the actual writing. This hasn’t really been an imposition and I’ve enjoyed the discipline involved.

I’ve now decided, though, that I’m no longer going to guarantee an entry every month, so that the (this) last-minute dash will no longer be a feature..

In part this is because last month’s post-instead-of-a-post raised such concerns for my health. I have to say straight away that while this has been some way sub-par in this period I’ve *not* been in any life-threatened state. Inevitably, though, sooner or later, there’ll be something genuinely and immediately of Bad News. Simply put, as and when that happens I’d really rather that it’s not publicly tracked by the appearance or non-appearances of journal, twitter or website entries. If I fall publicly silent for awhile I’d like it not to have any greater significance than the blessed quiet that results!

In other words, the private life remains private. All of this near-public stuff is, in truth, playfulness and I don’t want it to become duty. In any event, I remain of the opinion that whatever I have to say is still best expressed in the work rather than these sometime missives.

Just as I’m *not* retiring from live and recorded performances I’m *not* saying that I’m going to stop putting up entries here. Who knows, there might even be more than one a month at times. (Unlikely, I know…)

But let’s face it, a bit of slowness really is in order for me at the moment. Then hopefully I can keep up the intensity when I’m fully engaged in the work.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in due course….



13 Comments on “Briefly…”

  1. drew5571 says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a writer. May everything go well for you. I enjoyed Consequences.

  2. Hessian says:

    “Otherworld” is such an interesting experiment with many successful sections between the neo-Cageian soundscapes. On the whole I am satisfied with this product.

    It puts me in mind of my favourite experimental piece by Peter: Loops and Reels. I bought this rare product on cassette during one of the university holidays at Piccadilly Records in Manchester which had an amazing Hammill selection amongst the post-punk discs.(The Quiet Zone was the guy’s fav platter)

    When I returned to the University of Exeter VdGG/Hammill Society I was treated like royalty as no one else had this offering. At first I was selective : only giving a listening to selective acolytes. To my contemporary chagrin they were all female. But eventually as we headily absorbed the brilliance of the musiquelle-ferric we seemed to loose the actuality and fall into a shamanistic mesmorised trance. Indeed My Pulse was never so vital.

    I don’t think Otherworld does this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Peter Hammill – even when this man has Nothing to Say, he says it so well 🙂

  4. Joe McLean says:

    Too right to not be held to a communications schedule. Time was when you heard from someone when you saw the album on the shelves and occasionaly some pre-release blurb if you happened/bothered to read the music press.

    Nowadays if you don’t Twitter daily (Tweet? Who cares…), there must be something wrong with you. Too much information, too much interaction, and the cost hasn’t even begun to be counted yet.

    We’ll hear from you when we hear from you. If that’s when the next album comes out, well then, we’ll feel like we’re back in the ’70s.

  5. “but I’ve got to keep my life my own.
    One thing I’ve not got a lot of is time
    and it’s slipping away…

    I’ve got a life to live too.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do what you can in every way. I’m nine years behind you but age catches us all.

    Good Luck

    Phil Royston

  7. Hi Peter, as always you aim for the nail and hit it. The public-in which I include myself-have come to rely on your posts being monthly, and the posts have made your private life semi-public. I remember Roy Harper blogging in lieu of writing or performing for several years and then all went quiet-he had to re collect himself. Blogging as component of a life is very new, though journalism and columns have gone as long as newspapers have been printed. So my only question now is how will the public know when there is a new blog piece to read? Leave a comment here and leave your email seems to be the key to it….

  8. Gareth Price says:

    Just keep doing what you do best Peter. The rest will fall into place of it’s own accord (or should that be ‘a chord’ ….I’ll get me coat……..)

  9. Vittorio Zanetti says:

    Thanks for letting us know you’re well. Our concern is justifiable, we don’t want to invade your privacy :).
    I saw you in Piacenza in January for your speech and concert. It surely was a privilege and I hope to see you soon!

    Thank you Mr. Hammill, your Music truly matters to me.

    Vittorio from Bergamo

  10. Boyanchica says:

    Do whatever makes you happy, Peter.. 🙂 I love your last day in month entries, but is still my payday, so it won’t be complete disaster.. xD And I can always listen to your wonderful music.. Stay cool.. 😉

  11. Renato Schifano says:

    Hello Peter !
    I’m so glad to read good news from you tonight.
    See you later in concert.

    Renato Schifano

  12. A wise decision Peter. I was initially saddened by the prospect of less posts. After reading to the end I see how right you are. We all deserve privacy. It’s an interesting reminder about just how new this ‘social media’ stuff is. We’re all still feeling our way through it and it’s implications.


    Richard Smithston

  13. Ólafur Auðunsson says:

    Good news! Thanks.Hope to see you LIve once more.Solo.
    Ólafur in Iceland

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