From the Trees

At long last the latest solo album is now finished and ready for release. It’s titled “From the Trees” and will be out – on Fie! as ever – on November 3rd.

I’ve played and sung all the parts on the disc, as so often of late. There are ten songs, all at the short end of things and probably as close to conventional song structure as I get. I have, of course, already played quite a few of these live.

I’ll write more about this closer to the release date but for now I can say that the CD is up for pre-order at here: It’ll also be out on vinyl and you can order from Burning Shed here:

Oh,(as I emerge once again, blinking, into the light) I’ll also be doing a few solo shows in October and November, in Japan and Italy (plus one in Sweden). Again, you can find details at Sofasound.

Yes, I’m still here, I’m still going…on!

29 Comments on “From the Trees”

  1. Simon Tait says:

    I am younger than many of your fans, I think. “Do Not Disturb” is a highlight of my memories from 2016, it has shifted my consciousness. It feels like somebody tending the light at the end of the tunnel. Gracious thanks, Peter, Hugh and Guy.

  2. Cesar O says:

    Impressive performance in Amsterdam, Peter. I suggest a new live box set (Pno, gtr, vox, box type). “ From The trees” is,witout doubt, your best work sin e a long time ago.

    Congratulations,the magic is still alive!

  3. Eric says:

    We are with you Peter, What a great News, You are in our hearts forever!!

  4. Merloth says:

    Recently at the University of Exeter VdGG/Hammill Society we took a long look at the images in the mirror. Most of us were here because of reverberations from one or two decades ago. But then, and it still chokes me up, Louise smiled and elusivised over “all that might have been.” Her youth and elan galvanised us all.

  5. Chris Strange says:

    Would love to see a Birmingham date added to the 2018 tour…

  6. Michael Simpson says:

    Really enjoying the new album Peter. You are a genius. Beautiful melodies and textures. Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you have put in , once again.

  7. Michel E says:

    Like many, received “From the trees” before the release date, which is great!
    Really impressed after 1st listening – had heard some of the songs on “V” and live in London -, and should be listening to it again very soon.
    Maybe just to celebrate Peter’s birthday!!! 🙂

  8. I pre-ordered it and it arrived today. Based on one — not all that careful, to be honest — listening, i’d say it’s classic pH (y)

  9. I did a brief head-count of your albums, Peter, and the VDGG catalogue. Discounting the miscellaneous albums, I counted 64 albums including the new one due this November. Many a musician makes their life on the road and repeats themselves with variations for fresh audiences who as the musicians age the audience gets younger relative to the them and eventually the road blunts the musicians talent without them realizing it. You are are an example of a studio musician who has made their life’s work in the studio, rather than in front any audience, and however much you have slowed down that catalogue continues to stand up for you and itself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Came home from work today to find a copy of the new CD waiting for me. What a surprise as not expecting this until some time after November 3rd. Not had time to listen yet but will attend to this tomorrow

  10. Luc Detrain says:

    Thank you for all these good news ! I will quickly acquire your new opus. J’espère que tu viendras nous rendre visite dans le sud de la France. Il y fait aussi bon de vivre. Thank you for being.

  11. João Paulo Cabral Ribeiro Lopes says:

    Hello Peter, I’m very happy with this new work.I have not heard it yet but I am curious to do it as soon as possible.[Music and poetry run in your blood the food of life that is vital to you]. Again on the road that is for many years.

    A big hug, my best regards

  12. Vox inVerse says:

    Are there any differences between CD version and Vinyl version? It seems track order is the same. No removeing or adding track is there also.

  13. Scott Krier says:

    Peter, thanks for the update. Keep up with the work. But, where oh whence do you draw the energy? The Roxy in Los Angeles awaits you!

  14. Steve Pearce says:

    So glad to hear from you Peter and looking forward to hearing the new album as I need my Peter Hammill fix to carry on in this crazy world we live in!

  15. CARLOS RAUBER says:

    Fantastic …. PH the best of all, I can not wait to appreciate this master’s work …. long life !!!

  16. Alan Watson says:

    Great news… another one for the collection! Now, how about a gig in Norwich? It’s been a long time since you played East Anglia Peter! Cromer in the early seventies???

  17. Marc Roberts says:

    Can’t wait to hear the view. Thank you as ever for the music and poetry.

  18. Alejandro Torres Melo says:

    It’s great to hear from you again, Peter!! Looking forward for the new album.
    Hopefully you’ll play again in Mexico City.



  19. Chris Breeze says:

    Great news. Can’t wait to hear it. Please play live near the west Midlands

  20. This is, of course, all very wonderful news.

    I thought All That Might Have Been was a masterpiece. A film screened between the ears.

    Best, as ever,


  21. nikos says:

    looking forward for the new album you have all our love as always from Athens Greece

  22. Rainer Pawel says:

    Hi Peter,
    great news! Good to hear and good to know that your voice is still there.

    How about solo shows in Germany?
    Are there any plans? Do you come, when you are envited?
    I remember the show in the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt 2012.
    How about a show in the Centralstation in Darmstadt, where VDGG has been in 2013.
    Please excuse my questions. I think many people are waiting.

    Still waiting for what should be….
    Best wishes

  23. Kevin Flaherty says:

    Always look forward to hearing your latest offerings. Never disappointed. Thank you for some sanity in this insanity called humanity. PEACE PETER

  24. Peter Johnstone says:

    Thanks for that, Peter. I’m looking forward to hearing the new tunes you played at the Cafe OTO gigs again. Have they altered much since then?

  25. Guy M says:

    good to know you’re still going…. on, and hopefully off when the performances kick in soon! i listened to quiet zone last night.. pretty loud. there was a sense that line up wasn’t the proper VDGG, which is wasn’t… but it was as good a band and the songs on quiet zone are all quality. i thoroughly enjoyed the playing. individually and ensemble was absolutely kicking; even the delicacy… even though everyone was on top form for those sessions and the energy and ‘in-your-face-ness was coming from all, i was left thinking what a top bass player nic was and what a brilliant rhythm section he and guy were at that time.

    • Guy M says:

      I intended to add… that line up wasnt regarded as the proper line up at the time,and was another band hence the shortened name. b
      ut time as allowed the prejudice to wither, leaving the music to do the talking, and it certainly does.

  26. Je me réjouis d’entendre à nouveau un album de chansons. Et je rêve, mais c’est impossible, d’un nouveau concert de Peter au 66, à Verviers. I’am not Italian, nor Japanese, or any of those fascinating people, just a poor Belgian. By the way, I am in Melbourne at the time of writing. Mais je serai parti quand Peter viendra.

  27. Mikayel Abazyan says:

    What a great news!!!
    That says it all!

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