Not Yet Not Now

I’ve just put up this post over at but suppose that it ought to appear here as well….

And now, ladies and gentlemen, news of the release of a project on which I’ve been working for most of the last few months.

As you’ll doubtless know, between November 2017 and May 2018 I undertook the most significant bout of solo touring in Europe for some time, taking in shows in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and Germany. With such a flood of performances I took the opportunity/accepted the personal challenge to widen the repertoire even more than has recently been the case (which was already considerable). In the end I played a hundred songs, more or less, in this run of shows, covering the whole spread of my career.

I’ve now gathered these together to form an eight CD Box Set, “Not yet, not now” and this will be released on March 29th. (I know, what better date could there be?)

Five of the CDs have a geographical focus, featuring songs taken from Berlin, Nurnberg/Dortmund (2 sets), Italy and UK. The final three CDs are a mix of songs from different countries. Each CD is about an hour long and is structured to mirror the rhythm and tempo of live performance. I’m not going to be falsely modest: some of these performances are outstanding. Not *definitive*, of course, as happily most of these songs continue to come at me afresh each time I encounter them on stage and so there’s no such thing as an absolutely correct or perfect version. Rather, I mean to say, that many of these takes on the songs have kinks and curves to them which surprise this singer himself.

I don’t intend to retire just yet – not yet, not now – but who knows how long I’ll be carrying on for. Indeed, there’s evidently a great deal of uncertainty surrrounding the possibility of touring Europe at all after the dread ioncoming Brexit. I’m pretty sure, though, that this will be the last time that I’ll assemble such a comprehensive package of live versions of the PH material, so it marks some kind of definitive full stop.

This limited edition release, which also includes a 24 page booklet, is now available for pre-order at