Beginning again

Astonishingly, it’s been years since my last post. For a lot of that time, obviously, all life has been in some kind of abeyance. Now at last things seem to be on the way to starting up again.

Exactly fifty-one years ago today VdGG were starting the famous Six Bob tour with a show at the Lyceum in London. Fifty-one years ago tomorrow we were playing at Birmingham Town Hall on that tour. So there’s a measure of synchronicity at work here: in exactly four weeks from today we’ll be back in the Town Hall, kicking off the latest leg in VdGG touring.

At times over the last two extraordinary years it’s seemed that these often rescheduled shows would never happen and that effectively that might mean the end for our group. So it’s with joy and excitement (and the usual pinch of trepidation) that we’re now in the private study stage of rehearsals, knowing that the real thing will be upon us before we know it. The UK run is a short one; in a couple of months we’ll have the long stretch through the rest of Europe to do.

It’s going to be a blast.

44 Comments on “Beginning again”

  1. Paul M Dove says:

    On my way home from the Palladium. They were really on form and what a brilliant set, Every Bloody Emperor, Childlike Faith, Lemmings, Man-erg, Scorched Earth, Refugees plus a lot more. Best night out I’ve had in over two years

  2. Lawrie says:

    Was at Birmingham Town Hall last night. The band played with almost experimental abandon at times yet each song remained cohesive and as relevant today as ever if not more so? A fantastic blend of the old and the new with reimaginings that brought a fixed smile to my face which continued until wandering off into the night as the concert drew to a close. The evening deserved a standing ovation which it got. Thank you Peter, Hugh and Guy!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Got my email today from the Palladium but very disappointed to see that they mention “covid passes”. Now that the virus is endemic, and most restrictions have been dropped, this makes no sense. I’m going to hope that they’ve just forgotten to update their advice and I will turn up with neither.

    I will print out my recent positive anti-body and T-cell test results, which prove I have full natural immunity. The chances I’m infectious are infinitesimally small. Any other requirements are not science they are some sort of authoritarian compliance ritual.

    Peter, if you see this comment, can I ask for you opinion? I think we’ve reached a point were needing passes and tests is being normalised in order to usher in future tyrannical restrictions. Acceptance of this isn’t something I would expect from VDGG nor from your fans.

    • Paulo Sauer says:

      In my opinion your recent test results are a better warranty than any pass stating you took any of these vaccines….

    • Very Anonymous says:

      Had the same email … almost certainly as you say they’ve forgotten to update their advice, but still a bit poor form as it may put some good people off from attending … also had email on same theme from Bridgewater (Manchester) “In line with Government guidance, the presentation of a Covid-Pass or Covid-status on entry is no longer required” which is surely the correct situation in the UK now.

  4. Andy says:

    This perhaps not the best place to advertise but I have 2 tickets for VdGG in Bath on March 1st. Now can’t go owing to personal reasons. Anyone interested?

  5. Paulo Sauer says:

    King Crimson made it’s debut in Brazil 3 years ago…amazing show…1/4 of VGG was on stage represented by Mr. David “double sax” Jackson….Have you ever considered to bring down the other 3/4 to São Paulo now that your friend Fripp has paved the way?

  6. Abby says:

    And plus I’m not old enough to have been able to see you live before, so I’m quite happy to know that I might have a chance! If you ever come to Oklahoma I’ll be sure to get a ticket:)

  7. Abby says:

    I’m glad to hear everything’s going well for you guys now:)

  8. Athina Koufaki says:

    We are all looking forward to giving you a big round if applause in Greece.Is there any chance of this happening in the aftermath of the cancelled 2019 gig in Athens? Your music is my entire youth, evoking the fondest recollections of the human I was and I wanted to become. Thank you Peter Hammill, thank you Van Der Graaf Generator for the beauty of your poetry and music. I’m still hoping that I’ve become a better human. Athina E.Koufaki

    Στις Δευ, 24 Ιαν 2022, 18:26 ο χρήστης Sofasound έγραψε:

    > sofasound posted: ” Astonishingly, it’s been years since my last post. For > a lot of that time, obviously, all life has been in some kind of abeyance. > Now at last things seem to be on the way to starting up again. Exactly > fifty-one years ago today VdGG were starting the f” >

  9. Gnomax says:

    Luc Detrain

    What a pleasant new ! Did we see you in France ?

  10. Loyde says:

    Amazing News!!! Hope US gets in the plan:)

  11. Jerry says:

    Will be nice to see VdGG one last time in London. Hopefully, it will be a night to remember

  12. Claude says:

    Coming to Montreal ?

  13. Rene says:

    See you in Birmingham, London, maybe Edinburgh, Paris and hometown Amsterdam! If it is half as fab as Helsinki it is a blast already… but it could well be 3/2 times Helsinki of course 🤓

  14. itjerk says:

    Did you just remember the password? 😉

  15. Douglas Fergus says:

    Hard to believe 2013 was last UK tour. Saw VdGG at Glasgow O2 ABC which has since burned down. Tempus does indeed fugit! Massively looking forward to Edinburgh gig next month.

  16. Jacob Apkarian says:

    Toronto please !!!!

  17. Mikael Nilsson says:

    Looking forward to Stockholm in 2022! Or anywhere in Sweden really. Hope everything is fine with you, Peter, and all band members!

  18. Jan Visser says:

    Looking vorward to see you

    Op ma 24 jan. 2022 om 17:28 schreef Sofasound

    > sofasound posted: ” Astonishingly, it’s been years since my last post. For > a lot of that time, obviously, all life has been in some kind of abeyance. > Now at last things seem to be on the way to starting up again. Exactly > fifty-one years ago today VdGG were starting the f” >

  19. VdGG is the only well established band which continues to tour with fresh material and a new album. I truly cannot think of a group of such standing that does the same. Love and congratulations to all concerned with the ‘working legend’ that is Van der Graaf Generator.

  20. says:

    This is good news.  Hope you’ll make it over here to “The States” someday. Or maybe I’ll make it there.  Covid?  Hmm.


  21. Pierre Michel Zaleski says:

    Why VDGG not scheduled in Belgium on this tour?
    We miss you! Saw my flight and ticket to see you in Göteborg canceled in 2020!

  22. Steven Hargraves says:

    I’m relieved that these shows are going ahead – (and doubly pleased that I shall have recovered from my latest brush with being covid positive by then too – so no chance of missing out!)

    When I first bought tickets for the manchester show – back in September 2019 – my son was approaching his 10th birthday – now he’s approaching the beginning of his teenage years – tempus fugit indeed!

    At least we had the box set – and the marvellous solo video material from 1974 from the TOTWC – to tide us over during the lockdowns.

  23. HalfEdgeMedia says:

    Good aide-memoire – I’ll scrape the dust off my tickets and see you in Manchester

  24. Robert Drower says:

    Due to all that’s gone before, and at last, I am looking forward to this gig more than ever.
    See you at the Bath Forum. A blast for sure – and the roof will certainly be raised!

  25. Simon Wenham says:

    I just hope I can find my ticket got the Palladium gig. Then work out how to get there as I’ve since moved away from an easy trip into town, it will have to be an overnight stay somewhere.

    The last tour was the last gig I went to with my great late mate Malcolm. I shall have to find a good hostelry and raise a pint in his honour.

  26. Editor says:

    Looking forward to the Birmingham gig very much!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic news

  28. Lawire says:

    In June fifty years will have flown by since I first saw VDGG at Malvern Winter Gardens which was the last UK gig before the band’s first hiatus. I have my ticket to see you again at the first date of the UK leg of the tour at Birmingham Town Hall. A happy new year and good and continued health to you all.

  29. David Tennant says:

    Really finding it difficult to wait for the Birmingham Town Hall gig! Synchronicity indeed, I was also at that gig 51 years ago.

  30. vandergraafk says:

    Bravo. Any time frame for the cancelled German leg of the tour?

  31. (Mr) Leslie Medford says:

    Very pleased by the news, and though I’m poor and in California and thus won’t get to attend, A) I would if I was there; B) I bought the box set to go with the other 200 or so VdGG/pH items in my collection; C) I have Usher on in my auto as I type (wot?!), D) sure would love to hear a full-on VdGG treatment of Usher before all strutting and fretting is done, and E) I hope that hour upon the stage lasts another 51 years, good maestro!

    • Nicole says:

      I am also a poor Californian fan. Slightly disappointed to see the (Mr.) before your name, I would love to meet some fellow ladies who love PH! lol. Or another fan born after 1980. I am finally getting it together $ (maybe) and would love to see another PH residency at Cafe Oto scheduled – perhaps in 2023?!? Those are the shows I really felt a pang of regret that I could not attend. I would love a 2nd chance to make up a UK vacation to see PH! or perhaps NYC.

  32. Graziano says:

    Vi aspettiamo in Italia, bentornati.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at tehe Town Hall in a couple of weeks

  34. Bob says:

    See you on 22/2/22 in Manchester, which is where I saw VdGG for the first time on the aforementioned six bob tour at the impressionable age of 15. And what an impression you made! Still here after all these years.

  35. Baudouin Le Charlier says:

    J’envoie tout de suite ce message à ma femme. Nous avons gardé bien précieusement nos tickets pour le Trianon à Paris. Miracle ! Miracle !

  36. Kevin Flaherty says:

    Ah refreshing to see another blog. Yes it’s been awhile and also, yes the entire world has been in a state of flux over the last 2 years.
    Good luck and godspeed on your scheduled dates

  37. says:

    BENTORNATI !!!! Vi aspettiamo con molto piacere anche in Italia.

    Saluti da Roberto


  38. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of another visit to the states?

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