Finishing up

Naturally, it turned out to be a longer process than I’d anticipated but I did manage to complete the mixing of the new recordings by the end of June; or, at least, finished *one* of the sets of mixes of the recordings.

As will eventually become clear upon release this album is a multi-headed beast and each one of those heads has to present a subtly different sonic appearance. Any change in one potentially meant a necessary, subtle, adjustment in another.

So most of July has been taken up with intensive listening and then the process of micro-management. At this end of the operation a lot of the effort has to be devoted to coming at things afresh, as though knowing nothing at all about the pieces. It certainly hasn’t been a question of listening ot the same things in all-day-long sessions.

Rather, I’ve had to make my mind blank (in terms of what I think are really good and, conversely, potentially iffy, passages). Each time I had a listen-through, of course, I’d take notes but deliberately didn’t refer to them before the next run-through. Therefore the matters which needed to be addressed (of mixing, of ordering, of pacing) would only be those which showed up a number of times in the collected notes.

(As an aside, I do use up a lot of paper in the course of making a record; it’s a much more reliable, if time-intensive, form of record than notes made on a computer. And it’s always possible to backtrack on the paper trail. I *don’t* save any of this stuff when the project’s done though….)

Finally, now, I’m happy with things in all the forms in which they occur. The record’s done. Just the small matter of the cover, now, remains – and sorting out all the Biz stuff of release schedules and so on. So it’s not exactly about to be on your shelves in the next couple of weeks….

Sorry if I’ve seemed a tad mysterious about the nature of this release. All will, I hope, become clear in a later post, once I have a release date to hand.

Meanwhile, on the other wing of things, there’ll also soon be a live VdGG release, taken from our touring of last year. So I’ve also lately been spending some time going through incoming mixes from HB of all *that* madness.

Good clean fun….and more to come. Next week, a one-off solo show and a first visit for me to Romania.

15 Comments on “Finishing up”

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  2. Laurent says:

    …All That Might Have Been…
    Is it the name of the next one ?????

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just read Stuart GORDON is dead ! What a really sad sad news !
    I was so sad when Nic is dead. And yseterday Stuart had joined him….
    What a sad day for me too….
    I’ve met Staurt in Grenoble on 05/11/1994 and I’ve seen him with PH so many times in concerts…
    I will never forget you, Stuart !

    Renato Schifano

  4. Congress says:

    My favourite debate at the University of Exeter VdGG/Hammill Society? It was how to rate and distinguish between those three behemoths: CITSOTN, TSCATES and In Camera. I’m pretty certain it was 1976–just before Still Life came out and we were still in awe of Godbluff though still jury out with Nadir and not offended at all by Long Hello (the most inoffensive release in history.) It was a warm evening and supercharged by our rancourous debate. In the end to break the deadlock we assigned a voting system which was mercuric and pernicious. The rogues egging for CITSOTN won only by claiming addition votes for the Tower part 2–Foul Play!! I swore to resign my position but, as is common knowledge, I was persuaded to stay by Dulcimetta who was the one to fall on my sword.
    As I look back now I only see one album and one lengthy song cycle where, before, 3 separate ones existed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    See you next week at Sibiu.

  6. Peter Neumann says:

    Fine news. Please give us a big live Box from VDGG with all songs played at the tour and some alternative versions.

    Greetings from Germany
    Peter N

  7. shawparker says:

    Looking forward to it, dear Peter, as ever. Good news about handwritten notes: my own ‘patinage’ has fallen victim to the digital plague through lack of use.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “A bit mysterious” yes, but who cares? Do the record your way pH, take as long as you want, just let us hear it when it’s ready. We are always interested to hear what you are doing next, and you rarely disappoint. So just keep doing it your way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love to read the accounts of your working process. Thanks, and I look forward to the upcoming album!

  10. Do you have a couple of ‘special pens’? If so they could be pulled out after ‘the notes’ had been analysed on the antiques roadshow, and would be worth a fortune. Very excited for the new work. It sounds like a loud, in the dark, headphone excursion is on the way. (Of course, aren’t they all?)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are there guests on this album?

  12. Frank Remus says:

    I have always enjoyed reading about your recording/writing/creative processes that you always share during your various projects – what you aptly call “serious fun”. Keep it up! Looking forward to hearing this new work. All my best. Frank Remus.

  13. David scott says:

    David Scott.

    It’s a shame you don’t keep all the paper notes. 100 years down the road that may have made an interesting exhibit on the antiques roadshow!

  14. dpcoffey says:

    Excellent news on solo and group fronts. Thanks, Peter!

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